Habitat Restoration
Dropseed Nursery staff designs and implements the restoration of wetlands, grasslands, and woodlands. Our staff is experienced in native plant propagation and planting, soil stabilization, invasive species control, water quality management, and fire management.

Native Habitat Landscaping
Native plants require minimal inputs of water, fertilizer, and pesticides because they are adapted to the local climate, soils and insect populations. Choosing native plants that suit existing landscape features - ponds, dry hillsides, septic fields, stream corridors - will result in attractive, low-maintenance habitats. Native plantings can also provide practical functions such as erosion control, water treatment, and flood control.

Plant Salvage
Dropseed Nursery assists in conducting native plant salvage operations in natural areas that will be developed. Highly desirable native plant materials can often be salvaged, stored temporarily, and utilized at a later date on the same or different project.

Local-Genetic Native Plant Nursery
Dropseed Native Plant Nursery specializes in providing local genetic native plants for use in regional habitat restoration and landscaping projects. Seed, cuttings, rootings, and plugs of many native species are available. Dropseed Nursery currently specializes in wetland and prairie plants; however, we continue to expand our production plots. No plants are dug from the wild. Seed is collected from local natural areas and grown in our production plots.

Contract Growing
Contract growing enables Dropseed Nursery to provide certain species, or large amounts of plant material that we may not typically have in stock. Dropseed Nursery will contract to grow local-genetic native plant material from areas within Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.