Dropseed Native Plant Nursery's mission is to provide high-quality, local-genetic plant material for restoration and landscape projects in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. Dropseed Nursery's staff provide science-based natural area management and restoration services.
The staff of Dropseed Nursery is committed to protecting the natural communities and native plants of our region. We value large-scale natural area restoration and management projects that protect native species and natural processes. We also value small backyard plantings of native species that conserve water, attract wildlife and reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides.
Dropseed Native Plant Nursery strives to carry out its seed collecting, nursery management, and restoration and landscape projects with extreme care of the existing environment. We do not dig plants from the wild, with the exception of plant rescues on land slated for development. We collect seed from local natural areas with the permission of the owners and grow out this seed in our plant production beds.